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About Me

Hello, my name is Jeremy Fitch and I am running for Washington SEC Vice-Chair. I am a life long Washingtonian, and have lived in Snohomish County for thirteen years. I am the owner of Northwest Home Automation, a company that specializes in Smart Home Technology. I have been happily married for eleven years and have three amazing children which we home school.

Currently I am on the marketing team of my neighborhood association. I also volunteer with Gold Creek Church (Lake Stevens), I run the sound board some weeks and help with child care on other days. I believe that real change will come through more people becoming involved in their community and truly knowing their neighbors.

Last year I ran a campaign for Washington Senate as a Libertarian. During and after the campaign I felt that that LPWA needed a better structure for candidate support. On the campaign trail I realized that the party has a branding issue, people have negative ideas of what we represent. My decision to run for Vice-Chair of the SEC was based on my belief in the Libertarian Party and my desire to see it become a viable third party option.

Thank you,

Jeremy Fitch