Why would a candidate have a section for Charities on their page? The answer Libertarians believe in voluntaryism, we believe that most issues can be solved with little to no government.  I have selected a few charities that have either effected my life or they focus on our local community.


Cocoon House.png

Cocoon House

Cocoon House is a non-profit that conducts outreach to, and provides short and long term housing for homeless and at-risk young people, including their children.


Boys and Girls Club -Snohomish

The Boys and Girls club of Sequim was very helpful in my life when I needed it. I attended from the ages of 10-13. It was after my grandpa died and I had no dad in my life. I did not need much just a place to go to take my mind off of things. Having places like this can make positive changes in the lives of our counties youth.


Hope Creek

Hope Creek has several programs that they offer to help the community. They house the Mill Creek food bank, provide back packs of food to needy children and feed and cloth the homeless to name a few.


Give to Stop SIDS

This charity was started by one of my clients in memory of his son he lost after birth. They are using the power of cloud computing to find correlations among the deaths as the cause is still unknown.