The Issues

Everyday we have so many issues that can effect our lives and livelihood. I wanted to highlight three large issues and discuss some of my ideas for helping to solve them.



The direction of transportation is one of the first issues that truly inspired me to think of running for office. One third of our district is under the ST3 tax zone, but the current plan does little to benefit Mill Creek or houses East of I-5. Additionally the entire State has been under constant road construction for too long. I know the Puget Sound can not build itself out of congestion but we can focus on plans to better align Sound Transit and Washington DOT. Although I am not a traffic engineer, I have been driving in this state for twenty-two years and feel I have some ideas to help with some of the congestion points. We also need to encourage employers to allow more remote workers. We are a region that prides itself on technology, we need to find ways to better use the technology to solve our issues.

Property taxes

Property Taxes have absolutely gotten out of hand. I was at my neighborhood association meeting last month in which we had a speaker talk about homelessness. At this meeting a gentleman made a comment that his property taxes went up $200 dollars a month and he is on a fixed income. He was worried that if things keep down this path he would be homeless himself. I propose a locked in property tax, this would apply only to residential properties. This will help homeowners and renters equally.


Homelessness can have many different levels and causes. How can we help to reduce homelessness? The biggest way is to reduce the cost of renting and owning a home. This does not come from government subsidies but by reducing the property tax burden to owners. Additionally government can improve the supply side of building by reducing regulations and permitting fees.

The second portion of homelessness is often addiction and mental illness. My answer to this is a bit more controversial, we need to legalize all drugs and apply a small tax to help fund treatment facilities. We need to stop treating drugs as a crime and more as a public health issue. Additionally we need to reduce regulations to make it easier for Charities to set up safe injection sites. Safe injection sites although controversial do save lives and allow for trained staff to council people and direct them to treatment services when ready.