Vision for LPWA

Below is a summary of what I will focus on as Vice Chair of the Washington Libertarian Party


Branding and Visibility

We as a party have an opportunity to welcome those disenfranchised by the two party system. We bring a voice of reason and common senses ideas like don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff. We are the party that demands fiscal responsibility. We believe in peoples natural rights to live their life without government interference. Our party can welcome in those that are feeling “Berned” by the march towards Socialism and educate them on our other views to bring them deeper into the party.

Branding will be achieved through better use of our website and social media beyond just our core group. We need to find three or four core ideas that resonate with both red and blue voters. With these core ideas we can attract new members who find that their current parties are spending more time dividing and not enough time uniting.

The final portion of visibility will be achieved through press releases, parades and festivals. Last election cycle I walked alone down two parade routes while the other parties had a large group drumming up support. If we are to be truly accepted as the viable third party option we need to have that same level of visibility. We need to squash the idea of wasted votes and show people that they are not alone in the belief that the two party system has failed. I would like to see a portion of all membership dollars go to each region to fund entry into parades and festivals. Growing the party needs to be one of the SEC’s top responsibilities and we need the entire state party to be able to bring that level of support to each region.

Candidate Support

Last election cycle I ran a self funded campaign for State Senate. I had some direction from the political director in Snohomish County but beyond running a paper campaign I felt that more could be done. At the state level I attended an SEC meeting on candidate endorsement. At the meeting a committee was formed to determine candidate endorsement, but I never officially got notified if I was endorsed or not. We can do better.

My vision for candidate support is to make running a professional campaign a lot easier for our candidates. We need to have a standing candidate endorsement and support committee, People are free to have their own beliefs but those that are seeking state party endorsement and resources must be vetted by the endorsement committee. This committee will also be the conduit for determining what resources can be allocated. Some of my ideas for additional support include a web presence hosted on the state server. We should also provide a candidate workshop in which we take a professional head-shot and record a short introductory candidate video for them to use. This workshop would also cover the basics of PDC and ways to seek donations. Additional resources could be discussed but just these items will help boost a candidates confidence and reduce the barrier to entry.

My final vision includes refining our membership dues process. I would love to provide additional donation options available when people are renewing their membership. These options would allow people to choose how there resources are spent. We would have several different categories such as Candidate Support, Branding and Visibility, Activism, and Community Support. This will allow people to easily fund what they believe is most important to the growth of the party.

Regional Reps

We have eight regional rep positions that we need to increase accessibility to and empower. I have started to create closed Facebook groups for each region. This will allow party members from those regions to converse more easily and address concerns regarding the region. Currently I am a member of both SnoCo and KCLP Facebook groups, however there is a lot of noise and double posts that occur that is not necessarily of the utmost concern to reps. Having a dedicated channel will improve communication and visibility to the Reps. Additionally I think that the state LPWA.ORG website should have a Rep Finder section so people interested in joining have a simple way of connecting. The Reps will also be tasked with maintaining a monthly update to the “Whats going On” section for their region.